Essence Project Final Conference

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Essence Project Final Conference

This final Conference is aimed at discussing the ESSENCE main outcomes:

o An inventory of the existing and emerging relevant standards;
o The terms for their evaluation with reference to two different scenarios;
o Two case studies where those terms were applied and the relevant costs metricated;

ESSENCE is a project funded by the CIPS EU programme to evaluate costs and benefits of applying emerging security standards to the European power grid controls systems, based on two case studies.
Those systems are vulnerable to cyber-attacks that can inhibit their operation, corrupt valuable data, or expose private information. Attacks might affect large portions of the European power system, make repair difficult and cause huge
societal impact. To counter this threat, which is common to several networked infrastructures such as the oil and gas and the water networks, and power, oil and chemical process plants, several standard frameworks are being proposed. It
is difficult to evaluate costs and benefits of their adoption, although experimentation so far has shown that they are huge.
Thus there is a need for establishing the economic and organisational impact of their implementation in Europe.

The objective of ESSENCE was to identify costs and benefits on an objective basis, and outline organisational processes wherever beneficial.

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