Global Forum 2014 - Geneva

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Global Forum 2014 - Geneva

The Global Forum/Shaping the Future is an internationally recognized think-tank for exchange and networking among governments at national, regional & local levels, private & public organizations, research & development experts.

The Global Forum is an independent, high profile, international, non-for-profit event dedicated to business and policy issues affecting the successful evolution of the Digital Society. The Global Forum brings each year in a different city around the world more than 300 key policy-makers and public/private stakeholders from more than 30 countries from all continents, it is often considered as the Davos

The Global Forum 2014 program is entitled: A CONNECTED AGE, Opportunities & Disruptions in a Time of Transformation.

It will focus on several key topics which will be treated at the strategy & policy levels. The sessions covers a large spectrum of the currents issues and hot topics of the digital fields: Content & Copyrights, Future of Regulation, Smart Cities, eHealth, Innovation, Security & Privacy, Data…

We depend upon Digital. A new view of the Digital Age and Digital World is forming. The twenty first century Society becomes more complex and connected. We share the sense that Digital is an integral foundation of the global society. We are part of the most complex and sophisticated system in history. Huge improvements in connectivity and access to knowledge and the considerable benefits associated with the digitization of human activities are compounded with major challenges to privacy, digital literacy and employment. Global tectonic shifts in the geography of wealth creation are underway. With the great promises of Cyber come the great challenges of disruption and transformation. As governments, businesses and citizens, how can we grasp the implications of those transformations? The formation of new strategies, policies, laws and even new social codes requires a new, inter-disciplinary approach. The Global Forum 2014 will provide much needed strategic direction and tactical guidance for those involved in dealing with the challenges of the Digital Age.

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