International Cyber Warfare and Security - Turkey

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International Cyber Warfare and Security - Turkey

In 2013, the first of “International Cyber Warfare and Security Conference” in Ankara, Turkey was successful to gather 450 participants including military delegations, cyber defence public officials as well as industry representatives and cyber experts from 12 different nations such as Turkey, US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Italy ,Finland, Hungary, Albania, Azerbaijan and South Korea. The conference was an effective informative platform for all and the debates during panels were fruitful and enlightening for the participants and provided an exceptional opportunity to listen to diverse approaches and various experiences from the viewpoint of officials, the industry and the academia. In general, furnishing such an effective atmosphere of collaboration among military, industry and academia hopefully caters the initial of the essentials of international cooperation to face cyber challenges which now transcend beyond national boundaries.

To this end, in 2014, we are delighted to host the second of “International Cyber Warfare and Security Conference” in Ankara, Turkey to address the key concerns in cyber space. The main essence of this year’s conference is co-developing active cyber defence capabilities beyond boundaries and issues of transnational channels for information sharing. We strongly believe that this event will provide an unrivalled opportunity to discover the emerging challenges and solutions with key experts and welcome those who are interested to provide or share a viewpoint to unite powers to defend against cyber threats.

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Today, Cyber Defence has become an imperative component of nations’ defence strategies owing to the dramatic progress of Information Technologies. Withal, the ever-increasing interest of public and private institutions on Cyber Warfare has put forward the necessity of rising awareness on a global scale.

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