IoT Forum Barcelona

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IoT Forum Barcelona

The IoT Forum is an event supported by BeWiser bringing together experts on this movement to examine the most recent trends in the interconnected world, generate discussion and valuable content and assist the development of this new digital ecosystem.

The IoT forum aims to unite all stakeholders involved: researchers, developers, solution-centred businesses, start-ups, consumers, etc., in order to outline the situation of this initiative today through different complementary perspectives, analyse current trends and determine the challenges of the near future.


  • Bring together suppliers, start-ups, large companies, R&D researchers and IoT makers
  • Intersect supply and demand
  • Identify the needs of the sector
  • Promote innovative technological solutions
  • Create new information about the IoT


  • Leaders and managers of user and potential businesses
  • System integrators and service providers
  • Operators
  • HW companies (telecommunications, electronics, etc.)
  • SW companies (embedded software, open data, etc.)
  • Utilities (energy, electricity, water, etc.)
  • M2M platforms and industry regulators
  • Makers (researchers, designers, engineers, etc.)
  • Leaders and managers of user and potential businesses

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