Workshop on Implementation: Security and Evaluation

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Workshop on Implementation: Security and Evaluation

WISE 2015 is a one-day workshop organized by CryptoExperts that will take place in Paris, France, on Friday 11 September 2015. Its goal is to publicly discuss the security and evaluation of cryptographic implementations.

/admin/resources/download-hp-cyber-risk-report-2015.docx On behalf of the ECRYPT CSA european initiative, CryptoExperts organizes a workshop on the security of cryptographic implementations. The workshop will be held on September 11, 2015 in the heart of Paris, two days before CHES, with a scientific program centered around the following themes:

attack models and evaluation methodologies,
present and future certification schemes and standardization,
implementation security proofs and their automatization.

The workshop will be composed of invited presentations as well as a discussion panel aiming at building a vision of the current trends in the field and their expected evolutions in the future. The security of cryptographic implementations is a key topic in Europe, with both scientific and economic impacts. The purpose of this ECRYPT CSA workshop is to consult the academic, industrial and gov-related scientific communities to build the future european research roadmap in this strategic area.

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