The 6th Annual European Data Protection & Privacy Conference, Brussels

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The 6th Annual European Data Protection & Privacy Conference, Brussels

Now in its 6th year, this event has become the must-attend annual data protection and privacy conference held in Brussels, gathering over 350 cross-sector delegates and attracting an impressive line-up of top-level speakers each year.

The 2015 conference will particularly focus on the implementation of the new rules that are expected to be adopted by the end of this year. It will provide an opportunity for both the policymakers and stakeholders involved in this area to engage in an interactive debate discussing issues related to compliance to the new regulation and directive, what the rules will mean for cross-border data flow and international trade in the context of the recent ruling by the ECJ on the US-EU Safe Harbour and discussions over Umbrella Agreements on data transfers, and examining how restoring individual’s trust should be balanced with the legitimate use of their data by public or private bodies.

Sessions at the event will include:
• Reforming the Data Protection rules in Europe – Where are we, what’s next and how can organisations prepare for the implementation of the new rules?
• What will the new data protection rules in Europe mean for the future of international data flows?
• Consumer Trust : Empowering user control over data vs legitimate data use

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