Cluster policy excellence workshop, 11th February, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Cluster policy excellence workshop, 11th February, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The emergence of the so-called “Emerging Industries” can be considered as a significant challenge for regional policy makers.

ICT-TN organises a workshop entitled: “Towards Cluster Policy Excellence”. The goal of the workshop is to present what both projects have done and implemented in relation to cluster policy excellence. Furthermore, invited high-level speakers, ranging from State secretaries of Siovenian ministries to the European Commission, will also discuss about new cluster policy for emerging industries as an approach for implementing smart specialization strategies and thus support of emerging industries in practice.
Be Wiser partners Marc Pattinson (inno) and Tamara Högler (CyberForum) will contribute to the workshop.

The Poly4EmI project (bio-Polymers for Emerging Industries) addresses the challenges of Slovenia’s innovation policy through developing of a new policy model for stimulating the bio-based industry in Slovenia through clusters. More about the project at On the other hand, Bewiser project aims at Building Enterprises – Wireless and Internet Security in European Regions and therefore focuses on wireless internet security, while the organisational challenge is to more effectively utilise Triple Helix clusters in regional innovation processes. This approach will strengthen Europe’s position in wireless rollout and address the challenges set out in the Digital Agenda.

Agenda – Cluster Policy Workshop Ljubljana 2016

Cluster policy excellence as part of improving the competitiveness of regional economy and support to emerging industries.

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