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11 Florinis Str, City Forum, 3rd Floor, No 303, Nicosia, 1065

11 Florinis Street Nicosia

Cyprus Computer Society Bio

The Cyprus Computer Society was established in 1984 and numbers more than 1000 members. It functions as a non-profit organisation seeking to improve and promote high standards amongst ICT professionals in recognition of the impact that ICT has on employment, business, and society but also on the quality of life of citizens. The CCS plays a key role in linking Academia with Industry through the promotion of key elements of Informatics, in particular in the areas of digital literacy, professional skills, professionalism, education, training and research.

Recognizing their role in the development of IT in Cyprus, the Cyprus Computer Society cooperates closely with local and international IT and consulting companies with which it co-organizes open presentations and conferences, with presenters from all over the world, and also maintains special interests groups in areas such as Information Security and Special Interest. The CCS participates actively in the Advisory Committee on Information Society which was established by the Council of Ministers and the IT Members Registration Committee of the Cyprus Scientific Technical Chamber (ETEK: www.etek.org.cy). In the Be Wiser project, CCS will be supported ETEK and the University of Nicosia.

Role in the project:

  • Represents the Cyprus mentored regional cluster
  • Will participate in all aspects of the projects and in particular will benefit from the trainings planned under the mentoring task in WP5

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