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Eurecat Bio

The Technology Centre of Catalonia

A multidisciplinary and international team made up of scientists and technologists from the industrial and digital fields are currently working on more than 160 highly strategic applied R & D projectsAll of those projects aim to acquire new knowledge that is transferred to specific applications and solutions, to cover the needs of our most immediate industrial fabric, as well as to improve already existing products, processes and services.

Eurecat is founder of the ICT cluster, legally recognized as an Innovative Companies Association (AEI), and supported by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and the Catalan Government, consisting of ca. 60 members with diverse profiles (multinational companies, SMEs, universities, research centres and laboratories as well as public institutions) located in the Barcelona region. Eurecat has already several projects with private and public (national and regional) funding origin under execution. Additionally, staff – both at R&D and management levels – brings with them several years of experience in preparation, coordination, management and successful exploitation of regional, national and European R&D projects.

Role in the project:

  • Co-Leader of the WP4 “Definition of an international cooperation strategy”
  • Co-leader of the WP5 “Measures towards the implementation of the Joint Action Plan”

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